Our Services
Along with aluminum die casting, Hoffmann Die Cast also provides vibratory finishing, shot blast finishing, buffing, polishing, drilling, tapping, milling, and assembly.
HDC also has a well equipped tool room to handle all necessary die repairs and die maintenance.

Die Cast Machines and Trim Presses
HDC has 17 Aluminum die cast machines with shot capacities ranging from a few ounces up to 16 pounds.
29 trim presses ranging from 10 to 60 tons.
Aluminum melt capacity of 9000 pounds per hour.
Reverb furnaces totaling 104,000 pounds.
17 casting machines - Aluminum (Multiple Alloys)
  • 1 - 350 ton
  • 1 - 500 ton
  • 1 - 600 ton
  • 4 - 725 ton
  • 1 - 800 ton
  • 1 - 850 ton
  • 7 - 900 ton
  • 1 - 1200 ton

  • Quality Assurance
    HDC and all of its employees are responsible and committed to attain the highest Quality levels and standards set forth by our Customers. The success and future of HDC and its employees is dependent on how our Customers measure our Quality Performance.

    Engineering and Design Services
    Hoffmann Die Casting has a full service Engineering Department and is ready to assist in the part design. With the engineering support from HDC, often the design can be more robust and produced at a lower cost.
    HDC can and will do the prototyping of parts for the customer. Prototypes can be produced from a range of methods, from machining a part from the solid to producing an actual die casting cast from a prototype/soft tool.
    HDC will design all tools produced for the casting process. All tools are produced by local Tool & Die sources but the project is managed by HDC. All local sources used have the latest equipment, techniques and computer capabilities.
    HDC utilizes SolidWorks and AutoCad in-house for Computer Aided Design, but with the added capabilities of the tool sources we are able to accept almost any CAD Data format.

    Process Control
    Toshiba and TOSCAST

    Other Services
    HDC operated with 7 loading docks for Shipping and Receiving.
    Warehousing for J.I.T. delivery for long and short run orders.
    The capability to produce and ship on a KanBan system.
    HDC operates with advanced systems for Quality Planning, Continuous Improvement and Early Design Assistance.
    HDC maintains a close association with outside suppliers for additional design capability, CNC maching, painting, plating and other surface coatings.